Benefits for Dealerships

CMVTrader offers a complete solution for your vehicle dealership needs.

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Vehicle Listings

Unlock an ocean of prospective buyers with the powerful CMVTrader platform.

List your vehicles to other dealerships, employers, or all propects through the intuitive CMVTrader vehicle search tool packed with innovative mapping, filtering, and auction technology that will maximize your leads and volume.

Inventory Management

CMVTrader offers a powerful solution that provides you with detailed vehicle inventory reporting to make managing and optimizing your commercial motor vehicle sales easy.

Your dashboard gives you the tools to track and manage all your inventory with ease.

Email Alerts

Create and manage unlimited email alerts based on your saved vehicle searches to get the vehicles you need as soon as they're available.

Stop spending hours and hours searching. Put CMVTrader to work for you to find exactly what you want when it becomes available.

Company Branding

Create a CMVTrader vehicle selling platform look like an extension of your own company.

Get a branded commercial motor vehicle website with your own company logo, colors, and graphics.

Mapped Locations

The CMVTrader innovative mapping technology allows you to list vehicles at all your locations and stand out for prospective buyers and sellers close to you.

Plus you can break free from geographic limits with unlimited locations thanks to a simple pricing structure.

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